UTV Cleaning Kit

UTV Cleaning Kit

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Take care of your toys. 

One of my favorite things to do is go camping and play in the dirt with family and friends. We have a Polaris RZR 1000 and these are the products I use to clean up with after we've played. I'm gonna give you a run down on how to use it and you'll be blown away by the results. This easy-to-use kit will keep your UTV looking like new. 

Kit Includes:


    Choose your foam gun based on your water supply! If you're using a pressure washer get the High Pressure Foam Gun, while if you're using a hose at normal residential water pressure then pick the Garden Hose Foam Gun.


    1. Before starting: Fill the foam gun bottle to the “soap” line indicated on the bottle with Hot Shot Soap and fill the rest of the bottle with water. 
    2. Pre-rinse your UTV with water to remove the loose dirt.
    3. Spray wheels, tires, suspension, and heavily soiled areas with Hole Shot complete off-road cleaner
    4. Using the foam gun, foam down all exterior/interior surfaces.
    5. Use the Soft Bristle Wheel Brush to scrub the wheels, tire, and suspension. Use a wash mitt (not included) to scrub down the plastic surfaces, seats, and floors.
    6. Rinse and dry all surfaces. (Always use caution when rinsing the dashboard components to avoid causing any damage.)
    7. Spray Clutch silica spray onto the Large Blue Microfiber Applicator Pad and wipe down all exterior plastics, roll cage, wheels and suspension. For tight areas, spray Clutch directly onto the surface and wipe in with the grey applicator. 
    8. While the Clutch is setting up, open up the doors and wipe all the seats, floors and dash down using Clean n' Shine cleaner & conditioner and the Large White Applicator Pad. (Use one of the included mircofiber towels with Clean N Shine if the interior needs additional cleaning)
    9. Use (2) microfiber towels to remove/level the Clutch silica spray. One towel for initial wiping and the second towel for final leveling.