Shock Therapy Adjustable REAR Sway Bar Links XP1000/Turbo

Shock Therapy Adjustable REAR Sway Bar Links XP1000/Turbo

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Adjustable REAR Sway Bar Links XP1000/Turbo

Our adjustable sway bar links are a nice upgrade to the factory system. The factory links are weak and tend to bend. In addition, they use rubber bushings on both mounting ends. This rubber flexes and allows the effect of the anti sway bar to be limited. This adds body roll to the system and a tendency to roll in a corner much easier. By bolting on our billet aluminum links you cure the weak link issue instantly. But, just as important is the elimination of the rubber bushing on the ends. Our links use high quality rod ends which have zero flex and play so that you are able to eliminate 10-15% of the factory body roll making your UTV more stable in the corners and at high speeds. Also, you get the added benefit of a trick, aluminum look in a very visible area of your UTV.

These are sold in pairs.

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